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Why We Love These Famous Dads, That Also Love Pilates!

Think Pilates is only for women? Think again. Many professional male athletes have long used the practice to cross-train and improve their overall performance. But in case you––or a man in your life––is still on the fence about it, we’re highlighting some famous dads who strongly support the workout, just in time for Father’s Day. 

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David Beckham 

This dad to ten year old daughter Harper was introduced to Pilates while on loan at AC Milan. Apparently the Italians insisted that all of their players had to start practicing the workout to help them improve flexibility and balance. 

When asked about Pilates, Beckham has said Pilates has helped him get into the best shape of his life and reduce his body fat. “I do an hour of Pilates a day. It is fantastic and fitness-wise, I am the best I have been for a long time. I am in the best shape in years.”

Whether you do a 15-minute express Pilates workout or an hour like Beckham, you’re sure to feel the burn and see the results !

David Beckham playing soccer.

LeBron James

Considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and a dad of three, also incorporates Pilates into his workouts and cross-training regimen. 

LeBron James playing basketball

Matthew McConaughey

This father of three who follows a strict exercise routine has been spotted practicing Pilates on the beach in Santa Monica and said to use the workout as a way to maintain his physique. 

Matthew McConaughey

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