The Benefits of Starting Pilates in the Winter

The Benefits of Starting Pilates in the Winter

On average, winter is only 89 days of the year, however; cooler temperatures and decreased sunlight can heighten our perception of winter’s duration. During this time of year, self-care becomes increasingly important as winter weather can cause our joints to stiffen and tighten, leading to decreased flexibility. As a result, it is important that we find ways to incorporate movement into our daily routine as we prioritize our well being.

Early humans’ relationship with winter was much different than ours. In fact, scientists theorize that early humans slowed their metabolism and increased sleep to prepare for food scarcity. Nowadays, inclement weather does not impede our access to basic necessities, however; our natural inclination to hunker down remains. This winter we can aim to become more active as we plan ahead for the seasons to come!

What activities are you hoping to explore this spring? Is gardening on the agenda? By incorporating Pilates into your winter routine, you can maximize mobility and minimize future injury by focusing on low impact workouts. Pilates is a wonderful way to experience low impact exercise that aids in joint health. Begin with a foundation class and learn the basics! During our Frame Fitness foundations classes, our instructors will teach you how to correct your posture, experience alignment, and master vital Pilates techniques. Over time, these classes will build your confidence and strengthen your core with each new movement. By the end of the winter you’ll emerge with greater flexibility as you approach your body and life with greater awareness!

In addition to increasing mobility and strength, Pilates incorporates breathing techniques that help you to breathe deeper. Science shows that when we breathe deeper and fully oxygenate the body, it sends a message to our brains to relax and calm down. In winter months when reduced sunlight can trigger anxiety, it is possible to combat nervous feelings by learning how to breathe properly through Pilates. In every Frame Fitness class, instructors demonstrate how to accurately breathe while guiding users through essential modalities.

In the winter there is a tendency to shift everything inside  including our thoughts. As we enter a season of introspection, Pilates offers a restorative mind-body connection that is crucial to navigate winter’s darkest nights. In Pilates when you extend your body, you are encouraged to pay attention to the feeling that each movement evokes. Pilates is both an exercise and source of deeper awareness. When we become more aware of our physical body we can experience greater feelings of gratitude for what our body can do. Recognizing our strengths and not focusing on our limitations, is another way of expanding gratitude within our lives.

This winter we encourage you to create space for Pilates in your daily routine. Make the conscious decision to move, build awareness, and breathe your way through the wintery days that remain. This season allow Pilates to become your light at the end of the tunnel.

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