Spring Clean Your Life: 3 Simple Steps to Refresh and Renew

Spring Clean Your Life: 3 Simple Steps to Refresh and Renew

Spring into action and shake your winter blues by embracing the energy of this season! Did you know that spring is both a verb and a noun? According to Merriam-Webster, spring means to “leap or jump up suddenly.” April is the perfect time to spring clean your routine and begin the process of decluttering, cleansing, and ordering your home.

The term “spring cleaning” means many things to many people. Several cultures use the start of spring to officially purge and cleanse their homes as the season of new beginnings kicks off. In North America, spring cleaning is associated with a time before the invention of the vacuum cleaner, when the weather became warm enough to open the windows and allow high winds to carry the dust away. This April we have created 3 simple steps to spring ahead and welcome the winds of change as you simplify, clear, and order your home:

1. Begin with gratitude: Choose a comfortable space to sit. Our Pilates Box is the perfect solution. As you look around, greet your room with gratitude. Reframe your thoughts. Instead of saying, “This room is too messy,” try saying, “I am grateful for this home. I recognize that my schedule has been full, and I will prioritize my needs better. This season, I welcome order into my home.” When you reframe your story, you empower yourself to tackle necessary changes and tasks.

2. Open a window: Allow your home to breathe and welcome fresh air into your living space. Open windows to release stagnant energy and air, improving ventilation with each gust of wind! Did you know the CDC recommends improving air ventilation to reduce virus particles? If your Frame Reformer is near a window, consider yourself lucky! Improved ventilation leads to increased oxygen, which allows your body to function optimally.

3. Make a list: Prepare a list of chores. A recent study shows that 80% of people are more relaxed when their home is clean, and 72% are more productive. Using your smartphone or notebook, list each room and what is required. Once your lists are complete, check your cleaning supplies and ensure you have what you need.

With your list in hand and fresh air throughout the home, you'll prepare a path for good energy to support your life this Spring!

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