Six Qualities that Make a Great Fitness Instructor

Six Qualities that Make a Great Fitness Instructor

Leading a group of people through physically challenging exercises and sequences, whether in person or through a screen, is no easy feat. And yet, great fitness instructors are able to do so with an almost superhuman calm and confidence. They can make the hardest moves seem easy (or at least possible to attempt) and leave you feeling like like you actually wanted to show up for class that day (even when you almost canceled 10 minutes before). 

How do they do it?! What makes some fitness instructors truly great and others just okay? These six qualities stand out as the ones all great fitness instructors share. They’re also some of the aspects we look for when choosing FRAME instructors too, so if you’re interested in teaching for us in the future, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got them covered. 

They know music matters. 

Music sets the tone for any workout. The right song can even give you that little bit of extra encouragement you need during a particularly challenging part, or help you drop into yourself and find mind-body connection when you're struggling to quiet your thoughts. Great fitness instructors understand the importance of music and take their responsibility as curators seriously. Many spend hours each week crafting the perfect playlist and making sure their sequences are synced appropriately, creating an experience so in flow it feels almost magical. 

They are clear communicators. 

Not only do fitness instructors have to explain how to do different movements and use specific types of equipment and accessories, but they also have to encourage and motivate their clients, and keep them engaged and stimulated all at the same time. With so many responsibilities at once, it’s essential they have strong communication skills and know how to express themselves clearly and articulately. That doesn’t mean they never make a mistake––the best fitness instructors know they’re human and occasionally a “turn to the right!” might come out when they meant to say “turn to the left!” When it does, great fitness instructors correct themselves and continue, never letting their energy–or the energy of the class––falter.

They are master motivators. 

Great instructors know how to encourage and motivate clients with all kinds of experience levels and all types of personalities, reading the room for energetic cues and tuning in to human psychology. Clients can feel their passion for movement and fitness, and the self-motivation and drive they usually bring to other areas of their life too. The best fitness instructors also understand that for some clients just showing up to class that day is a huge win, and that for others, this might be the only 30 or 40 minutes they will have for themselves all day, and they are able to speak to both in a way that profoundly resonates. 

They have a strong foundation in body mechanics. 

All great instructors have a robust understanding of body mechanics, a term used to refer to the way we hold our bodies as we move about our daily lives. Keeping proper posture, holding your center of gravity, and using the right muscle groups are just a few of the components of body mechanics instructors must direct clients to do correctly during a class to avoid injuries and create the strongest results.

They pay attention to form and are able to focus on the group and give specific adjustments to individuals at the same time.

This is one of the most challenging––and most important––parts about teaching a group class. You have to be able to pay attention to the group as a whole while simultaneously making sure each individual is executing the exercise correctly. The best fitness instructors are able to do this with ease, and can help a client make an adjustment without breaking the sequence and overall flow for the rest of the group. 

They are always learning and growing. 

Many fitness instructors have taken specialty training programs and are certified to teach specific types of group classes like Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, or HITT. But their education doesn’t stop there. Great fitness instructors are always learning and growing, continuously refining their teaching skills, learning more about how the body works, and attending workshops, classes, and seminars to keep their knowledge up to date with the latest findings in the fitness and wellness worlds. Many even decide to “cross train” by getting certified in different workout modalities so they can have even more tools to share with their clients. 


What are the qualities that stand out in your favorite fitness instructors? Leave them in the comments below.👇
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