Returning to the Present

Returning to the Present

Congratulations! You made it. With only 31 days left until the new year, you have pushed and persevered through another trip around the sun. Do not minimize your achievement. In a culture where productivity is praised and accomplishments are idolized, be rebellious- choose to be fully present. Yes, I’m sure that there is a to-do list stored in your mind, logged in your phone, and maybe even handwritten on a scrap of paper, but for now the list can wait. Befriend the moment that has been given to you and enter this final month more present than before.

Did you know, the concept of being present is not something new? History shows that mindfulness can be traced back to Buddhist philosophies from 2,500 years ago. Yes, 2,500 years ago there was no internet, social media, or apps to bombard the human soul but, there were conditions within the mind that even today we experience.

There was fear, worry, anxiety, and feelings of powerlessness. There was lack, scarcity, hunger, and injustice. There were environmental conditions that hindered life and there were nations at war. Yes, externally the world looked quite different but internally the human experience was similar to our own.

On December 9th, 1883, the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, was born in Germany. The youngest of 9, Joseph unknowingly practiced being present at an early age. Joseph spent time immersing himself in nature, observing and witnessing the power of movement within animals. His time spent off the grid in observation would later fuel his pursuit of physical alignment, as he developed his life’s work - Pilates.

Pilates ushers you into the present through repetitive movement and breathwork. Pilates welcomes you back to yourself as you build strength through awareness. Pilates unites your mind and body, in perfect unison, as you are reminded of where you are and who you’ve become.

This December, we invite you to meet yourself on the Frame Reformer, in a way that perhaps you have not done before. As the year wraps, we encourage you to re-engage with the present by cementing yourself in the moment, feeling every push and pull, surrendering deeper into today. Make peace with the year that was by making peace with yourself. Give gratitude for what your body can do. Reframe your perspective of this year, starting with the present.

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