Refresh your Wellness Routine This Summer

Refresh your Wellness Routine This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to refresh your wellness routine! Warmer weather invites us outside and encourages us to get more physical activity. Much like your relationship with others, your relationship with wellness must also be revitalized occasionally! Summer allows us time to travel, get outdoors, and step outside our comfort zone. This summer, we’ve created a short guide to invigorate your fitness foundation and add joy to your summer routine! 

  • Post-workout walk: When you finish your workout on our Frame Reformer, head outdoors for a 5-10-minute walk. As you walk, look around at all that you see. Name three things you are grateful for as you walk down and three things you wish as you walk back. By incorporating this practice into your day, you will experience more peace and a calmer mind. 
  • Enjoy local produce: Head to your local Farmer’s Market and get your steps in while you choose from the freshest and best produce to prepare your meals! Bring a friend and make it a social outing. Eat what’s in season as you stay active and spend time with loved ones! 

Let this summer become your most fulfilling, and expand your wellness routine! 

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