How To Stick With Your New Year Fitness Goals

How To Stick With Your New Year Fitness Goals

We’ve all experienced the ways in which drastic diets or workout programs only make us yo-yo up and down, leaving us right back where we started and oftentimes feeling worse about ourselves than when we started. 

So what’s the secret to making 2022 your healthiest, fittest year yet?  

While setting big, transformative fitness goals is an important part of finding the motivation to begin, following through and achieving those goals is about making small, gradual lifestyle shifts. 

It’s behavior psychology applied to health and wellness. Here’s how to do it:


Find Something You Enjoy 

As human beings we crave movement, we just don’t all crave the same type of movement, which is why it’s so important to find a form of movement you enjoy doing. When you get busy or stressed, it will be easier to make time for something that brings you joy than something that feels like a chore. 

As a dancer, Pilates was a natural fit for me. Its low impact allowed me to continue to build and strengthen my muscles, core strength, and flexibility while preventing me from injury. The mindfulness aspect really resonated with me as well. It’s a physical activity I enjoy and look forward to, which helps me prioritize it even as other things shift in my life. One of the reasons I decided to build my own Pilates Frame Reformer is because I wanted to share that with others.


Set Micro-Goals

Another aspect that really drew me to Pilates is that it is much more of an acquired skill than a physical activity. It’s more similar to taking up tennis, golf, or dance than going to the gym for cardio or weight lifting because it takes time and practice to master. Seeing the progress you’re making keeps you intrinsically motivated and connected to showing up for it, which is great for helping you stick with your fitness goals. 

So start by setting micro-goals, achieve them, and continue to build upon them (the Frame Pilates Reformer helps you do this by tracking and sharing your progress after each workout!). Even just five minutes of mindful movement each day, where you are moving in a way that is connected and focused to your brain can begin to create a big shift in your overall health and wellness and help you bring in movement as part of an overall, sustainable lifestyle shift. 


Focus On Your Breath

Another reason why I love Pilates is the focus on breath work because breathing exercises are a huge part of building core stability. They can also get you results very quickly, but a lot of people don't realize that! 

Again it’s important to start small and build upon your progress. Do 5 to 10 minutes of focused breath work instead of putting an hour on the clock just because. As you cultivate awareness around your breath during your workout, you’ll begin to bring that attention to your breath throughout the day, leading to another healthy, sustainable lifestyle shift.

So what are your fitness goals for this year?! I’d love for you to share them in the comments below, along with any other tips you have for making this your healthiest, “fittest” year yet.

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