How To Stay Motivated to Work Out During The Winter

How To Stay Motivated to Work Out During The Winter

 Fact: Finding the motivation to work out can be hard sometimes. Especially when it’s cold outside and dark by 4:30 pm (we’re talking to you winter!). That’s why we asked Vanessa, Frame’s amazing Executive Assistant/Marketing Coordinator/Logistics Organizer to share some of her best tips for finding the motivation to sweat it out.

In addition to being the person who keeps everything organized and running smoothly around here, Vanessa played competitive soccer for 12 years before turning her passion into a career in fitness. Backed by degrees in Psychology and Sports Marketing, her tips for staying motivated to work out will give you that extra little inspiration you need this winter.  

Schedule workouts in your calendar before the week starts. 

“I find this to be very effective as there’s no procrastination taking place when I should be working out instead! It also helps me know exactly how much time I have to devote to social activities and other forms of self-care and can prioritize my time and energy accordingly.” 

Create a hybrid model that works for you. 

Mix up at-home workouts with hitting the gym or taking a group class to keep your fitness routine fresh and make getting your sweat session more convenient. “I tend to choose at-home workouts during the week when I have less time to travel to the gym,” Vanessa says. 

Pick your workout outfit the night before.

“Choosing an outfit is just another daunting task that prolongs actually starting my workout,” Vanessa says. She recommends laying out your workout clothes the night before as part of your nighttime routine, especially if you want to get your workout in first thing in the morning. 

Listen to your body

“If I’m feeling overly sore or exhausted, I listen to my body and give it the rest it needs.” Try stretching, foam rolling, gentle yoga, or some intuitive dancing on those days your body craves restorative movement. 

Think holistically. 

Approaching your fitness goals holistically can be a huge source of inspiration. “I find I am most motivated when I’m incorporating mobility and yoga into my routine, making sure to slow down and really focus on my movements and my breath.” It’s helpful to remember working out is about feeling your best not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well!




Where does your fitness motivation come from and what other tips would you add to this list?! Leave them in the comments below👇

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