Here’s Why These 5 Celebrities Love Pilates

Here’s Why These 5 Celebrities Love Pilates

With its mind-body connection and ability to reveal a person’s healthiest, most toned physique, it’s no surprise so many celebrities consider Pilates a critical part of their workout and wellness routine. Stars like Kate Hudson, Meghan Markle, and Jennifer Aniston have been outspoken about their love of Pilates for years, citing how it strengthens their core to how it can feel like a moving meditation, as reasons why they love it. 

Here’s why these five celebrities swear by the powerful workout:

Kate Hudson

“It’s all about that core baby,” wrote Kate Hudson in a TikTok caption where she nailed a plank to pike move on a Pilates Reformer. Hudson is known to be a big fan of Pilates, which she combines with cardio, yoga, and weights to keep her feeling her best. 

But, even with a wide range of workouts on her schedule, she told Cosmopolitan UK, "My preference is Pilates always. I love Pilates, it makes me feel great…I stick to Pilates and more dance-based things. For me, Pilates is my number one.” It helps the Golden Globe-winning actress and mom maintain her athletic, lean figure while building strength—especially in that core.


Harry Styles

Harry Styles first visited a Pilates studio due to a slouch. "I have bad posture and I've been told to take Pilates once a week,” Styles told The Independent. He’s continued with the workout for over a decade now, and was recently spotted in London at one of his favorite Reformer studios. 

But, now, it’s part of his whole body wellness approach that he told Vogue about in 2020 that includes juice cleanses, cold water swimming, and meditation. “I’ve got very tight hamstrings—trying to get those open,” says Styles of the role Pilates plays in his wellness routine. 


Meghan Markle

In Harper's Bazaar, Meghan Markle once called Pilates, “hands down the best thing you could do for your body.” At times, the Duchess of Sussex and former actress has been a regular at a Los Angeles Megareformer studio owned by her friend Heather Dorak. 

Given Meghan’s affinity for mindfulness and wellness, it makes sense that she’d gravitate towards the holistic workout that’s possible with Reformer Pilates. It gives her time and space to be present and feel good in her body.


Jennifer Aniston

Emmy-award winning actress Jennifer Aniston chatted with Bustle last year about how she can’t get enough of Pilates. She said she recently learned that some believe Pilates is having a moment right now, but she’s in it for its full mind and body benefits.

“​​For me, it’s all about the teacher—you have to have a really good teacher. If you have an excellent teacher and you understand the beauty of it, it’s like a moving meditation,” Aniston told Bustle.


Lady Gaga

Whether she’s on stage or in the gym, Lady Gaga is a force, and Pilates is one of the pieces of her workout routine that keeps her fit, healthy, and ready to perform. She’s shared her love with Pilates in several interviews and, in 2015, shared an Instagram post that said, “Another morning of Pilates and rock n roll with my trainer!! Dear Sloan, thank you for believing in me and being my health rock.”

Combined with yoga, dance, and cardio, Lady Gaga’s workout schedule keeps her stage-ready at all times—even while we’re all waiting for the next tour to be announced.

Did you know these celebrities practiced Pilates? Have you ever run into one of them at a studio while in NYC or LA? Which celebs have you spotted while in class? Or who would be your dream sighting? Let us know in the comments!
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