Our Goop Early Adopters Share Their Experience with the FRAME Reformer

Our Goop Early Adopters Share Their Experience with the FRAME Reformer

After three years of hard work, our Goop Early Adopters received their FRAME Reformers earlier this Spring. Their positive feedback and experiences have been incredible to hear! Keep reading to hear what they’ve had to say so far. 

There are only a few dozen reformers left in our first manufacturing run! Be sure to place your order here and spread the word to your friends and family members you know would love to join the FRAME family!


“I am really enjoying listening to the various instructors and learning all the different moves, all my friends are blown away by your reformer.” - Anngilyn S.

“This reformer is such a clever design. Love the spring change, also the material of the straps. All is excellent quality. My husband is still on his daily streak and he had never done Pilates before this. My in-laws and best friend are both ordering after trying mine.” - Tiffany T.


“Total game changer!! I love Pilates but had a hard time staying consistent with going to classes. Now I have it all in the convenience of my home. I especially love that it ranges from 20 mins to 50 min classes so I can get something quick in even if I don’t have a lot of time. It’s the best! As an interior designer, I love the beauty of it.. totally fits my aesthetic.” - Diana W. 

“This reformer is so special. Honestly a bit overwhelming at times cause I want to do/create so much. Incredible what you have created, what a gift this will be to so many. So grateful.”  - Cassie S. - Yoga Instructor and Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapist

“I absolutely love my Frame reformer. Not only is it chic- but it’s super user friendly- the functionality is incredible. The classes are amazing, especially 20 min power Pilates with Melissa B- great music, intense, effective and fun!” - Lena W. 

“Loving my Frame reformer. It is so convenient having a reformer at home and I haven’t done a Frame class I haven’t enjoyed. I did a 30 min class this morning and absolutely loved it. Felt so good to be back on a reformer.” - Melanie L. 

“I was a member for 4 years at Solidcore, so now I feel like I have this workout at home. My husband is loving this reformer too. Fantastic strength training for him.” - Rochelle B.

“Loving the Frame and all the instructors so far.” - April J.

“I’m in love with it. For me the Pilates machine is great because it allows me to do a lot exercises with a closed circuit which gives my body a lot of great feedback and really great for people who have musculoskeletal issues or autonomic instability. - Dr. Meghan J. - Internal Medicine, Author of Long Illness

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