Get to Know FRAME's Pilates & Workout Instructors

Get to Know FRAME's Pilates & Workout Instructors

The FRAME team has been hard at work these past few months filming class content for our community members. From Classical, Fusion, Power, and Contemporary Pilates classes on the Reformer, to Barre, Mat, Yoga, HIT, and Mobility classes off the Reformer, our dynamic content library will truly have something for everyone to enjoy. You’ll be able to sort workouts by type, level, mood, or instructor, plus, your FRAME Reformer will track your progress to better understand your fitness goals, curating workout classes personalized just for you. 

Who exactly will be leading these fun, engaging, and mindful workout classes on our platform? We’re so glad you asked! Keep reading to meet some of FRAME’s instructors and learn more about what to expect from their classes, available to stream soon from the comfort of your own home.



FRAME’s fearless founder, Melissa first discovered Pilates while recovering from a sports-related industry when she was still a teenager. A classically trained ballet and competitive dancer, she resonated with the mindful movement practice right away and soon began teaching classes and training private clients in Toronto. She quickly became one of the most sought-after trainers in the area with a robust client roster of professional athletes, medical doctors and top executives. In 2018, she shifted her focus from fitness training to product design, determined to find a way to make the powerful practice of Pilates more accessible to a wider audience and improve the design of the Pilates Reformer, the device that helps you tone your core while keeping your spine and back stable. Her first Reformer design would eventually become the inspiration behind FRAME Fitness and the FRAME Reformer's innovative, beautiful, portable design. 

Checkout Melissa’s 3 favorite On Reformer exercises here or try the at-home, off Reformer Pilates workout she filmed live for NBC here.



A professional rock climber and all-around fitness lover, Piper discovered Pilates in 2007 and it was love at first lunge. She has over a decade of experience training trainers, and has certified coaches in over 80 cities across the United States as well as developed fitness programs for studios across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Her teaching style is energetic but organized and light. She’ll push you forward with a smile, and wants nothing more than you to succeed. 

Check out her favorite oblique exercises using the Box on the FRAME Reformer here and give her a follow on Instagram here.



Jess fell in love with Pilates unexpectedly while living in Los Angeles in 2014, but her passion for creative movement goes all the way back to her childhood and the more than two decades she spent snowboarding and practicing ballet and theater. Jess’s teaching style is enthusiastic, precise, and challenging yet accessible, and her dynamic classes are sure to leave you feeling energized and empowered.

Check out her favorite fitness transition move here and learn how to move from Wild Thing/Rockstar into Falling Triangle. 



Sydney first discovered Pilates as a way to stay in shape for her career in modeling and entertainment. Working out soon became Sydney’s favorite pastime and she found herself wanting to share the power of mindful movement with others as a fitness coach. 

She holds a 500 hour Comprehensive Pilates Certification as well as Spinning, AIT Rhythm Indoor Cycling Level 1 and 2 Certifications. Warm up with Sydney here



A SoCal native, Jeni grew up dancing and being active. She danced competitively and professionally for 18+ years and now shares her love of movement with others as a fitness trainer and coach. She’s obsessed with fitness, and uses Pilates as the base to all of her routines. Jeni is classically certified through Equinox. 

Her playlist on FRAME’s Spotify is filled with upbeat and uplifting songs that will somehow motivate you to move while leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed all at the same time. Give it a listen here.



Born and raised in Germany, Sina moved to New York in 2015. With a competitive Judo and Ballet background of 10+ years, she’s always been an athlete and passionate about Fitness. She has created Fitness-programs and classes for multiple platforms in the US as well as in Europe. She’s known for her bubbly and motivating personality and will be your biggest cheerleader during class!

Check out her 3 favorite Mat Pilates moves on our Instagram account here



Born and raised in Kansas, Chelsea earned a Bachelor in Science degree in Health, Sports, and Exercise Sciences from the University of Kansas before starting her fitness career in Boston before making Los Angeles her home. Her training style combines her passion for health and fitness with years of competitive dance and 16+ years of experience in the fitness industry.  She was named one of the top trainers in LA by Racked and has been featured in publications like Shape Magazine, Popsugar, Fabletics, and more.



Brooke is a comprehensively certified instructor with over a decade of experience specializing in athletic recovery and supplemental training. Curious and creative by nature, Brooke enjoys the mental and physical challenges the practice of Pilates provides. Her classes are fun and challenging, taught with the goal of uplifting each and every student and help them adopt the practice for themselves.



A certified Pilates and barre instructor based in Toronto, Karen loves combining elements from both disciplines to create a movement experience that leaves you feeling toned and lengthened. She loves movement that focuses on sculpting lean, toned muscle definition with small low impact movement and high repetition. Most importantly, she believes movement should leave you in a positive, rejuvenated healthy state, and that is what she always aims to create in her pirate instruction. For a deep burn you can do anywhere, try her Standing Leg Series here. 



Helen has nearly 10 years of experience teaching and training others and certifications in Pilates, as well as prenatal and postpartum corrective exercise and health coaching. A former professional dancer, her classes are equal parts athletic, creative, and restorative. They will challenge your body and brain, and leave you feeling refreshed after your workout. Expect lots of options to enhance or modify moves, as well as one of her favorite exercises, Pike to Plank, which she demonstrated on our Instagram account here

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