Four Ways to Reach your Goals in 2024

Four Ways to Reach your Goals in 2024

Every January millions of people make new years resolutions, however; 23% of people quit by the end of the first week and by the end of the month that total climbs to 43%. Although this statistic may sound discouraging, the reality is that we can choose to start over as many times as we want it just depends on our outlook, our expectations, and our habits. Science shows that changing your daily habits takes approximately 10 weeks or roughly 2-3 months. With that in mind, we must commit to our goals for the long haul and look beyond January to accomplish what we desire. This month we’ve created a guide to outsmart yourself and reach boldly for your 2024 resolutions!

  1. Make a list of your goals: Begin by writing a short list of what you’re looking to accomplish this year and next to each goal leave space to explore your “why?” Data shows that goals activate behaviors and that when goals are written down, we are more likely to follow through.

  2.  Explore your “why?”: What lead you to desire this change? What is your motivation? What will life feel like when you’ve successfully reached your goals? Take time to visualize the answer and capture your thoughts with as much detail as possible. Being able to tap into your “why” will guide your focus when you’re feeling tempted to veer off track.

  3. Create a realistic timeline: Healthy expectations will prevent feelings of discouragement from derailing your process. If you’re unsure of what a realistic timeframe looks like, search online and gather insight. Remember that your goals are possible and adjust your timeline accordingly. If you require more time to accomplish your goals, that is not a reason to quit.

  4. Commit to the journey, not just the destination: Seek joy along the way. Celebrate small wins as you progress. Commit to being as consistent as possible. Expect the unexpected and do not allow perfectionism to zap your motivation.

    Did you have a bad day? Rest and get back on track tomorrow.
    Did you have a bad week? Reset Sunday and prepare for the week ahead.
    Did you have a bad month? No problem! Next month will come and with it a fresh cycle of days and weeks to solidify your commitment to you goals!

    Remember that no matter what challenges you face, they can all be overcome by continuing to move forward regardless of the pace at which you are moving.

Author Jack Canfield once said about habits, “your habits will determine your future,” and we couldn’t agree more! Use this month to develop the habits behind your goals and no matter what 2024 brings your way — stay consistent! Know that sooner or later your goals are bound to be met, as long as you keep moving forward!

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