8 Wellness Practices We’re Loving this Fall

8 Wellness Practices We’re Loving this Fall

The quieter days of fall bring a season of turning inward. The long sunlight hours of summer begin to fade away and we focus on slower, more intentional living at home. From taking the time to journal to moving our bodies in ways that feel good, fall is a season of focusing on mindful living.

That’s why it’s also the perfect time of year to bring wellness practices back into your routine. These slow, genuine moments help to reconnect your mind and body, either through movement or slow, purposeful practices and routines. Here are eight ways to get started.

Create Small Morning Rituals

Set your alarm for just 15 minutes earlier tomorrow. Instead of rushing out the door, take a moment to breathe in the morning. Make your cup of coffee and sit in the kitchen, feeling the warmth of the mug in your hands and breathing in the aroma of the freshly brewed beans. If it’s early, stare out the window and admire the stillness of the morning before everyone else wakes. Or, if the world is already buzzing, watch how alive the street feels as others start their day. Make these few minutes alone a new morning ritual, and use it to ground each and every day.

Observe the Changing of the Seasons

It’s easy to miss the changing of the seasons if we don’t stop to pause and observe the world around us. You can rush from your home to the car (or subway or bus), to work, never noticing that the leaves have begun to turn a brilliant yellow or a crimson red. The pumpkins on your neighbors doorstep blend into the background. You begin to skip from one month to the next in the same way you go from home to work. Instead, take the time to observe the changing of the seasons as they gradually make their appearance. Take a walk each day watching the trees begin to show off their vibrant colors, and embrace both the small and big celebrations of each month.

Limit Screen Time Before Bed

While it’s tempting to pick up your phone and scroll through Instagram just one more time before bed, do your best to put your phone away. Screen time before bed can disrupt the melatonin necessary to drift off to sleep, making it harder for you to snooze. Try unplugging for an entire hour before bed. Turn the TV off. Put your computer away. And, we know it’s hard, but try to plug your phone in outside of your bedroom, forcing yourself to stay offline for an hour before you hit the hay.

Take Time to Gratitude Journal 

Writing your thoughts down on paper is an exercise in mindfulness. Whether you let the words flow freely or prefer to guide your writing with prompts, journaling can serve as a release and a way to connect with your broader feelings. Keeping a gratitude journal is particularly fitting in the fall, when you’re already focused on being thankful for all of the loved ones you have in your life. Jot down a quick list of everything you’re grateful for each day. 

No matter how bad your day is, try to find one good thing. It can be something as simple as ordering from a new sandwich spot to meeting a friend’s baby. These don’t have to be life altering gratitude statements. There’s something to be thankful for in even the most mundane moments.

Sub Cacao Lattes for Coffee

Cacao lattes are part of an ancient ritual that was used to open the figurative heart of participants. Today, it’s a delicious and benefit-packed substitute for coffee. A cacao latte has caffeine, though not as much as a cup of coffee and none of the jittery side effects. You may find its creamy texture and rich flavor are the perfect swap for a cup of joe. Because cacao is filled with antioxidants, it’s not only yummy, but it also helps with heart health, metabolic health, brain health, and more.

Practicing Mindful Movement

Mindful movement means listening to your body and moving it in a way that feels good. Today, that could be 30 minutes of cardio, running around the block a few times. This evening, it could be a restorative yoga class. And, tomorrow, it might be tuning into an at-home workout with FRAME Fitness, letting your body stretch and strengthen slowly and intentionally. Work movement into each and every day, and take the time to recognize that it’s going to look different from one day to the next, and that’s okay.

Tracking Health and Wellness Goals

If you want to understand how far you’ve come in a season, then track your health and wellness goals so you have concrete data to look back on next year. You could get the Oura ring to track your sleep, body temperature, and fitness. Check in on it regularly to understand the progress you’re making and to stay connected to areas where you have an opportunity to refocus your attention and improve. 

Tackling Big Dreams One Step at a Time

When you have lofty dreams — particularly those you want to achieve by year end — it can be tempting to charge forward, making big moves for a big impact. But the most effective way to tackle those dreams is to take them one step at a time. Remind yourself that many small pieces make up every big dream, and the best approach is one that is patient with your mind and body.

What’s on your fall wellness list? Do you plan on starting a gratitude journal before Thanksgiving? Are you focused on creating routine and recognizing the passing of time by actually getting outside and experiencing it? Do you think something as simple as a gratitude journal could help?

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