7 Time-Saving Tips to Make Exercise Work In Your Busy Schedule

7 Time-Saving Tips to Make Exercise Work In Your Busy Schedule

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to working out is finding time. Our schedules often fill up quickly with work, family obligations, travel, and life, and, unless we actively work to make fitness a priority, workouts can get pushed to the bottom of our lists. 

But we know we feel better when we exercise, so finding small ways to save time and get you to and from your workouts faster can make a huge positive impact on both your health and your overall well-being. From making working out fit into your schedule to switching up the classes you take, to fitting in five-minute workouts here and there, and taking time to intentionally prepare, here are seven easy tips to help you fit exercise into your busy schedule.

1. Find an at-home and in-studio routine that works with your schedule

The easiest way to save time and get to and from your workouts faster is to create a fitness schedule that works with the schedule you already have in place. You don’t have to go out of your way to work out. Instead, bring the workouts to you, mixing up at-home workouts with gym sessions and studio classes depending on where you’ll be each day.

Do you work from home on Fridays? That sounds like a great reason to take a Pilates class at home on your digitally-connected, FRAME Pilates Reformer, where you can tune into an on-demand class with your favorite instructor, whenever you want. Plus, you can target specific muscle groups depending on what you need that day, or choose the length of time that works for your schedule.

Or maybe you work from the office on Wednesday and your favorite barre studio is next door. Perfect, Wednesday becomes your barre day. And Saturdays mean brunch next to the gym, so you’ll drop in to do weights before meeting up with your friends.

When you create a routine that’s easy to stick to because it works with where you’re already going to be on a given day, you save precious minutes that would otherwise be spent on commute time. 

2. Plan your workouts ahead of time

Whether you’re signing up for a class at a studio, working out at home, or fitting in a gym session, planning out your workouts for the entire week can save you time and brain power. If you already know you have a spin class on Monday and you’re doing a workout at home on your FRAME reformer on Tuesday, you don’t have to worry about it when the time comes. All you have to do is get ready and get moving. 

3. Pack your workout bag the day before

Remember when you were a kid and your parents asked you to lay out your outfit the night before school, just to avoid any morning breakdowns over a dark pair of jeans versus a light pair of jeans? You can use the same method to help smooth out your workout prep. 

Pack your workout bag the evening before a morning workout class or ahead of a busy day where you’ll go straight from your 9-5 to the gym or workout studio. Include the clothes you’ll wear, the shoes you’ll need, and necessary accessories, from hair ties to water bottles. 

Headed straight to a 6 AM class? Put the bag right where you’ll change into your workout clothes in the morning, whether that’s at the end of your bed or in front of your bathroom door. Have everything you’ll need waiting for you in it, from your wallet to your car keys. Taking a few minutes to prepare ahead of time helps eliminate potential obstacles you might encounter when it’s time to head out the door.

4. Break up your workouts into smaller chunks

You may not have time to devote to a one-hour workout class every day, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your fitness goals. Make time for movement by breaking your workouts into smaller chunks. For example, fit in a virtual 20-minute Pilates class over your lunch break, take 5 minutes to do push-ups and abs, or tune into the weekly all-hands meeting from your treadmill or while on a walk on a nice day.

5. Use your commute time to walk, bike, or run

You can literally get to your workout faster if you start it from the moment you leave your house. Rather than driving to the studio or gym (which means more time sitting in the car), see if you can find one that’s close enough to your home that you can hop on a bike or lace up your running shoes and still be there in just a few minutes. Or, for a more relaxed approach, find a studio within walking distance. No matter how you move your feet to get there, you’ll get your heart rate up and get the most out of your workout time.

6. Have a friend hold you accountable

If you ever find yourself putting off workouts or routinely walking into class 5 minutes late (just late enough to miss the warm up), it might be time to find a friend to work out with. Having an accountability partner may not sound like a direct time saver, but it can be when it gets you motivated to show up to class and show up on time. Plus, it can make your workouts more fun!

7. Grab pre- and post-workout snacks to eat on the go

Sometimes it’s the logistics of running from one thing to the next that can hold you back from working out, and food can be a big part of that. After all, you don’t want to show up to your morning stand up call or weekly meeting with your boss hangry. 

Pack pre- and post-workout snacks in your gym bag for those days when you’re fitting in a studio class or gym session between meetings, or have pre-cut fruit and protein sitting in the fridge when you have an at-home workout on the calendar. It’s one less thing to think about, and it’s one more way to get you up from the computer to working out and back again.


Have you tried any of these tips? What are your go-to methods for saving time and getting your workouts in during a busy day? Share them in the comments!

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