6 Reasons to Add At-Home Workouts to Your Fitness Routine This Fall

6 Reasons to Add At-Home Workouts to Your Fitness Routine This Fall

As soon as Labor Day weekend ends, it’s go-time. Between work projects rushing to wrap up before the end of the year, to children going back-to-school, Fall is often the busiest season of the year. And that translates into less time to workout and focus on health and wellness.

That’s exactly why adding at-home workouts can save your fitness routine this Fall. Maintaining your daily or weekly workouts is key, especially as you start inching closer towards winter (when it can be even harder to motivate yourself to work out in the cold!). At-home workouts make it easier to fit in a workout on a jam packed day, and they also offer privacy you won’t find at a gym or studio environment. Here are six benefits of adding at-home workouts to your Fall fitness routine.

At-Home Workouts Prioritize Convenience

As schedules get busier, the hardest part of working out is figuring out how to make the time. Every second counts, and everything from packing your gym bag to actually commuting to the workout studio takes away precious minutes from work, activities, kids, school, or anything else you need to prioritize in your schedule.

At-home workouts though, prioritize convenience. All you have to do is throw on your workout clothes and turn on a recording. There are no added commute minutes. It’s just you and your class time, ready to move.

You Can Try New Exercises Without Worry

Whether you dread running into the person at the gym who knows exactly how to “help” you with each new exercise you try, or you feel self conscious trying new workouts in a class environment, working out from home will give you the privacy you need.

Without anyone else around, you can focus on each move and how it makes your body feel. You can try new modifications or push yourself further into a stretch without judgment, and you can move at a pace that works for you.

Working Out at Home is Affordable

Boutique fitness classes can add up quickly, especially if you take Reformer Pilates classes. Expect to pay upwards of $30-$50 a class. Even a gym membership may cost you between $75-$200 monthly. 

But, if you workout at home, you will only spend once on the equipment and then you may pay a small monthly fee for a subscription service for class access. For example, FRAME offers unlimited monthly Pilates, yoga, HIIT, and other classes for just $39.99 — the price of one studio class!

You Can Work Out on Your Schedule 

If your workout studio only has three classes a day, and you can’t make any of those three classes on a given day, you might throw in the towel. It’s not that you don’t have the time, you just don’t have time at the right time. So you decide you’ll pick it up tomorrow…unless your meetings and social plans interfere again.

When you workout at home, you can fit in an 11 AM class even though there isn’t one on the schedule at the gym. You could even workout at 9 PM if that’s what is best for your schedule. As long as there’s a recorded class to watch, then your schedule is the schedule. 

There Are No Excuses to Miss a Day

When you’re dependent on the schedule of a gym or fitness studio, it becomes too easy to say, “Well, I can’t make it for a full hour-long class, so I guess I’m going to skip today.” When you workout at home, you can fit in a 15-minute workout if that’s all you have time for, or squeeze in three 10-minute sessions between calls. Or maybe there’s a thunderstorm and you can’t walk to your workout class. If you workout at home, you can still workout.

Excuses are a non-issue with at-home workouts. You can do something even if you can’t do your ideal fitness routine, and it’s that consistency that can make or break a habit.

Your Studio is Set Up Exactly How You Prefer

Do you like to burn a lavender candle while you work out? Does ambient lighting help you relax while you challenge your muscles? Do you prefer cooling down with the ceiling fan on and the music turned up? When you workout at home, you’re in charge of your studio and its vibe. You can transform the space into an area that inspires you to move and makes working out something you’re excited to incorporate into your daily routine.

What tips do you have for setting up your home workout studio? Are there any hacks you’ve used to make sure you stay accountable to your at-home workouts? Let us know in the comments!
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