Pilates Reformer Machine Buying Guide

Pilates Reformer Machine Buying Guide

Whether you work remotely, need a convenient workout for your busy schedule, or want an effective way to workout at home, a Pilates reformer machine can provide you with an effective home workout.  

If you want to find a reformer machine to use at home, you can find the perfect one to suit your needs by using this guide to understand which factors you should consider before you make a purchase.

How Do I Choose a Pilates Reformer Machine?

Finding the best Pilates reformer machine requires careful consideration. After all, if you’re searching for quality Pilates equipment to improve your physical health and well-being, you want to find one that best suits your needs.

Pilates reformer machine

Using a Pilates reformer machine has many benefits, including balanced muscle strength, enhanced posture and flexibility, and improved muscular control. Many use reformers to improve back issues or to rehabilitate an injury. Regardless of the benefit you’re seeking, a reformer can offer improved health for anyone from a beginner to someone who has been practicing mat Pilates for years.

No matter what your reason for using one, choosing a quality Pilates reformer means assessing your needs against available machines. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced user, we give you all the factors to consider so you can find the best Pilates equipment for home use.

Evaluating the Space for Your Pilates Reformer Machine

When searching for a Pilates reformer machine for your home, you need to consider the space you have available for the machine. You need enough space not only for the footprint of your reformer, but also so you can effectively complete your workout.

The Frame Reformer by Frame Fitness offers a low-profile and sleek footprint for any space. At 92 inches long, 25.5 inches wide and 36 inches high with screen extended, you will have plenty of room for this functional piece of Pilates home equipment. Just be sure to factor in an additional two feet along the sides to accommodate movement off the side of the reformer.

Framer Reformer provides additional functionality by shrinking to just 13 inches tall with screen folded down), allowing you to conveniently store it under your bed, against a wall, or inside a closet. In fact, the discreetly hidden wheels make moving and storing your Pilates equipment even simpler.

Consider How You Plan to Use Your Pilates Reformer Machine

How you want to use your Pilates equipment should influence your choice. You may prefer a one-on-one personal coaching session, stream a workout, or simply do one on your own. Whatever your choice, most Pilates reformer machines cater best to a specific type of workout.

Pilates reformer machine

However, the Frame Reformer specializes in every type of reformer use. Whether you choose to have a personal trainer come to your home studio, stream a workout, or do your own customized session, the Frame Reformer matches each of these needs with equal value.

If you plan to use the reformer:

  • With a personal trainer: With its functional footprint, the Frame Reformer makes good use of your space when you include a personal trainer onsite during your session. If needed, you can quickly and easily move your Pilates reformer machine to another space or at a different angle in the room with its convenient, discreet wheels.
  • With a streaming workout: Our reformer includes a Bluetooth-enabled swivel screen that allows you to stream a workout conveniently to your Pilates equipment. With the largest LED screen available and a 180-degree swivel, you can view your streaming workout from all angles, ensuring you always maintain a quality perspective regardless of what move you’re doing.
  • With yourself: With intuitive buttons to change resistance and a smoothly gliding carriage, you can seamlessly complete a solo workout without fumbling over changing your Pilates equipment. If you like some music with your workout, you can even stream it over the Bluetooth-enabled screen.
  • With a combination of the three: Our Pilates reformer machines doesn’t tie you down into one specific way to workout. The versatility of our machine allows you mix up how you work out so that you can exercise alone day, digitally the next, or with a trainer whenever you like.

How Pilates Reformer Machine Fits Your Home’s Aesthetic

When you choose to invest in quality Pilates equipment, you want to be sure you select something that fits the aesthetic of your home. You have a particular style, and you should find a Pilates reformer machine that matches the look of your home, including colors, style points, and size.

Frame Fitness offers a sleek, functional Pilates reformer machine that coordinates with the aesthetic of most homes. Consider these features:

  • Color: The Frame Reformer comes in two color choices—classic black that coordinates with a variety of aesthetics and “sunrise” that offers a softer, more natural finish that blends with nearly any interior style.
  • Style: When you want Pilates equipment at home, you need a piece that doesn’t distract from your interior if you plan to leave it in plain sight. Our Pilates reformer machine offers a cutting-edge, sleek design that looks tailor-made for any space. Our unique reformer can become a piece you’ll be glad to have on display, not equipment pushed into a corner.
  • Size: The low profile and practical footprint of our reformer fits comfortably in most spaces. If you have a smaller space, the convenient wheels make the reformer easy to tuck away when you’re doing using it.
Pilates reformer machine

Finding an Intuitive Pilates Reformer Machine

When you invest in a Pilates reformer machine, you want one that works with you. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Pilates fan, finding Pilates equipment that offers instinctive design helps you to not only easily use it but to enjoy using it daily.

The thoughtful, functional design of our reformer provides you with an intuitive experience, including:

  • Unparalleled functionality: Our dual-spring technology makes you feel like you have two platforms in one.
  • Flexibility for all users: Our unique, cutting-edge design provides a Pilates reformer machine that works for everyone, regardless of height, weight, or body type.
  • Effortless resistance adjustment: With color-coded touch buttons, you can easily adjust the resistance without the guesswork or fumbling with springs.
  • Durable yet light: Equipment choices often offer a binary choice of durable but too heavy to move or lightweight but lacking durability. However, we designed our reformer to be lightweight and portable, but because we constructed it with high-quality, durable materials, you can count our reformer to be strong and long-lasting.
  • Smooth carriage ride: No matter what position you’re in while using our reformer, the carriage provides a smooth, quiet ride while you’re working out.

Connecting with Your Pilates Machine Reformer

If you want connectivity, you must find a Pilates reformer machine that has the capability to stream workouts and that offers a wide variety of workouts for you to use with your equipment. Our reformer includes a 24-inch, Bluetooth-enabled screen that swivels 180 degrees for maximum viewing.

In addition, with a simple subscription you can access an array of workouts to stream to your reformer with these added benefits:

  • You can select workouts by muscle group or instructor style.
  • You can track your progress.
  • You can receive recommendations.
  • You can access workouts suitable for the whole family, including children.
Pilates reformer machine

Understanding the Extra Features with a Pilates Reformer Machine

Although Pilates reformer machines include the same basic equipment, the Frame Fitness reformer adds value to its Pilates equipment by equipping its reformers with these added features:

  • In-home delivery: You pick the room, and our professionals will deliver your reformer to the space you designate.
  • White-glove assembly: Our team takes the guesswork out of assembly. Once they deliver the reformer to area you designate, they will set it up so you can safely use your machine right away.
  • Warranty: You can rest easy with our reformer. If you encounter any issues, we provide a 12-month warranty for the screen and a 3-year warranty that covers the hardware.

Fitness experts designed the Frame Fitness Pilates reformer machine to combine high-quality materials with cutting-edge design to provide you with a sleek, intuitive machine that gives you a robust experience in the comfort of your home.

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