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Four Ways a Pilates Reformer Helps You Stick to Your Fitness Goals

With summer approaching, now makes the perfect time to assess your fitness regimen. Many people make well-intentioned goals at the start of the year but find themselves falling short come spring. The right Pilates reformer can change that and put you back on track.

From not having the time to exercise to just getting bored with the same routine, you may find yourself in a workout slump, unsatisfied with your progress. You need a fitness routine that can adjust to your changing needs, and a Pilates reformer provides the flexibility to keep you engaged and motivated.

Whether you’re anxious to get your body into summer-ready shape or just looking to get back into working out on a more regular basis, the Frame Fitness Pilates reformer offers the best way to stick to your fitness goals and achieve a healthier, more mobile lifestyle. This post explains the four ways that just one piece of equipment can help you stick to your fitness goals.

Pilates reformer

#1—A Pilates Reformer Gives You More Time to Workout

Time ranks as one of the top reasons people give up on their fitness goals. So often, you hear that you must make yourself a priority and that you just need to carve out the time for working out, but you can’t just create time. You only have 24 hours in the day and missing even just one workout can be discouraging.

However, even the most committed have valid reasons for missing workouts. You may miss a workout because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • Something came up at work, and you had to stay late.
  • One of the kids needed you to attend something for sports, a club, or a school event.
  • You sustained an injury or had surgery.
  • Your gym doesn’t have extended hours, and you missed your chance to go.
  • You’re too tired.

While you can’t create time, you can make the most of what you do have, and a Pilates reformer from Frame Fitness can help, saving you time and giving you an efficient workout. The ways a reformer can give you more time include:

  • You get to work out at home. Whether you’re working remotely or traveling into the office, having a useful piece of Pilates equipment at home makes finding the time to work out much simpler. You save time since you’re not commuting to a gym, which frees up more time for working out, and if you’re working late, you know you have your workout ready to go as soon as you get home.
  • You get an efficient workout. A reformer, by definition, gives you a well-rounded, efficient workout. The tension and gliding, cushioned carriage offer resistance with controlled movements, building strength and flexibility, which increases mobility. Instead of doing several different types of workouts, you can use one machine and achieve the same result. You also don’t waste time switching equipment and weights. Instead, the easy-to-adjust tension on the Frame Fitness Pilates reformer makes the tension simple to adjust, helping you finish your workout smoothly and efficiently.
  • You get all your workout tools in one place. You save time and energy with the Frame Fitness Pilates reformer because everything you need for your workout stays in one convenient spot. Your reformer from Frame Fitness includes an attached LCD screen to which you can stream your workouts, so you don’t have to gather bulky equipment, mats, and a video. You only have to step over to your reformer, select your workout, and begin. Plus, you don’t need to keep notebooks or a spreadsheet to track what you’re doing because your Pilates reformer from Frame fitness tracks it through your workout subscription.
  • You get to work out while injured or recovering. Many physical therapists use a Pilates reformer for patients recovering from injuries or surgery. While you may not be able to push the muscle group affected by your injury, you have plenty of exercises to perform supported by a reformer. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist for recommendations on working out throughout recovery.

Pilates reformer

#2—A Pilates Reformer Gives You More Flexibility with Your Workout

Walking into a gym, no matter how welcoming, can still feel intimidating, especially if you don’t know how to use some of the equipment. Even when you do know the ins and outs of all the machines, you tend to fall into a workout pattern that feels comfortable, but after a while, you might get a bit bored, lack the results you want, or see a new trend you want to try.

Regardless of your level of fitness or degree of experience, the repetitive nature of working out may become too predictable. Even seasoned athletes or avid fitness fans want to keep up with the newest workout trends. However, you have to spend time finding new workouts, understanding how to do them, or knowing how to just adjust the workout you’re currently performing.

The Frame Fitness Pilates reformer offers an incredible amount of flexibility, by helping you:

  • Switch up workouts: Whether you want a completely new workout or just want to adjust the one you’re doing, the Pilates reformer from Frame Fitness allows you to select workouts based on instructor style, muscle group, fitness level, and more. So you have control to customize your workouts as often as you want or need.
  • Get personalized instruction: Learning with a personal trainer offers the easiest and quickest path to learning a new workout. With the reformer from Frame Fitness, the workouts that stream directly to your machine give you the same experience as having a solo session in a studio. Doing so gives you the flexibility to learn different workouts so that you can have a varied routine.
  • Do more than just Pilates: Many people use a Pilates reformer to cross-train or perform sport-specific cross-training, and the Frame Fitness reformer offers other workouts as well. You can choose from options for cardio, yoga, and more to add more flexibility to your fitness routine.

#3—The Frame Fitness Pilates Reformer Tracks Your Progress

Keeping track of your progress keeps you motivated and helps you stick to your fitness routine. Many people get discouraged because they don’t see or feel progress, but fitness offers incremental change. Small weekly changes add up to big changes after a month, and the longer you stick with your workout, the bigger those changes look and feel.

Getting a custom notebook, looking for an app, or setting up a spreadsheet takes time and makes a harder habit to continue than working out itself. However, the Frame Fitness reformer makes tracking progress straightforward. This all-in-one Pilates equipment tracks your progress for you, making it easier to track and meet your goals.

Pilates reformer

#4—Use a Pilates Reformer to Personalize Your Workout

To have the greatest chance of sticking to a workout regimen, make it personal to you. Personalizing your fitness helps keep you motivated, and you can personalize your fitness with a Pilates reformer by:

  • Choosing workouts you enjoy: With the Frame reformer, you have a wide range of options when it comes to workouts. From cardio to Pilates, you can choose workouts that speak to you and that make you look forward to working out. Then you can stream these directly to the reformer.
  • Choosing workouts that fit your goals: After you find workouts you enjoy that meet your needs, the Frame reformer continues offering you recommendations based on relevancy.
  • Choosing workouts at the right level: The Frame reformer gives you options based on difficulty or experience level. You don’t want to start too difficult or too easy, and once you find some workouts you enjoy, the Frame reformer then offers recommendations at that same difficult level.

Above all else, make sure you work out for yourself. Don’t work out for others or the opinion of others. A Pilates reformer offers so many health, mobility, and strength benefits that you can find plenty of reasons to stick with a Pilates reformer workout just based on its benefits.

However, a Pilates reformer by Frame Fitness offers additional benefits by adding streaming workouts and progress tracking all in one simple-to-use, amazing-looking machine. Adding a reformer to your workout rotation gives you one piece of Pilates equipment that offers an all-in-one approach.

You can find more time for working out, flexibility for your workouts, progress tracking, and personalization in the sleek, well-designed Frame Fitness Pilates reformer.

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