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Finding Time to Work Out to Stay Fit for a Lifetime

Life changes, and sometimes those changes come as a surprise. Even if you’ve planned for change, many people find that working out drops off the to-do as they adjust to a new schedule or major life change. However, letting go of a good fitness habit affects your health. So if your life and schedule change, you may also need to change your workout routine.

Finding time to work out doesn’t just affect your short-term health and goals. Working out—or not—can also affect your long-term health and goals. To avoid reminiscing over how in shape you used to be, plan to fit for a lifetime by finding time to work out. The simplest way to find more time in your day is by using a Pilates reformer by Frame Fitness.

The Framer reformer provides you with an efficient, effective workout for your entire body. You can effortlessly find workouts to target muscle groups or your fitness level, and you can also keep track of your goals to help motivate you. With a Pilates reformer from Frame Fitness, you don’t have to find time for fitness because the Pilates reformer helps you find more time in your day for fitness.

Pilates reformer machine

Keep Your Workout Routine Flexible with a Pilates Reformer

You may already have a consistent habit of working out, but maybe your work schedule changes, you get injured, or you start getting bored with your workout plan. Any of these can throw you off schedule and impact the good habit you’ve created.

When even bigger life changes occur, such as changing jobs, moving, or having kids, working out often becomes the first task to drop out as you adjust to your new schedule. If you incorporate a flexible routine into your fitness and use equipment that adapts to you, you can better adjust to change and stay consistent with your workout routine.

Using a Pilates reformer by Frame Fitness allows you the flexibility you need by:

  • Including a variety of workouts: If boredom over your current workout routine has you sluggishly working through it or you find yourself short on time, you can find the perfect workout to stream to your Frame Fitness Pilates reformer. Having a variety of workouts keeps you from getting bored and keeps your workouts fresh and fun. When you have so many workouts to choose from, you can find one that fits the time you have so that you can still squeeze in a workout.
  • Adapting to your needs when your life changes: With a gym membership and other pieces of equipment, life changes can affect your ability to work out. If you’ve suffered an injury, become pregnant, or just had surgery, you often must quit working out or find time to learn a completely different workout on completely different equipment. With a Pilates reformer, you can do moves in a variety of positions, so you can adjust your movements and still get in a workout regardless of any limits placed on you.
  • Working around your schedule: Often, experts advise that you schedule your workout time so that you stick to it like you would a salon or medical appointment. However, when life’s changes interrupt your daily routine, your day may change in a way that cancels your workout appointment, such as having your work schedule change. Regardless of your schedule, your Pilates reformer stays ready to work with you when you have the time. Conveniently located in your home, you can work out on your Pilates reformer whenever it fits your schedule.
  • Providing balance and strength training: As you age, your physical needs naturally change. The older you get, the more you need balance and strength training to increase your mobility. Fitting in extra requirements, especially if you already have a workout routine you love, leaves you tight on time. Instead of trying to incorporate a new routine into your existing fitness regimen, use a Pilates reformer. A reformer efficiently works your body, improving flexibility, posture, and balance while building strength in just one workout. Investing in a Pilates reformer now provides you with an efficient workout that meets your needs now and adapts to meet your needs as you get older.

Whether you experience temporary or permanent changes that throw you off track, you can still stay on target with fitness and find time to work out. A Pilates reformer by Frame Fitness provides a variety of built-in flexibility that allows you to shape your workouts to fit your available time and needs.

Make Reasonable, Accessible Goals and Track Them on Your Pilates Reformer

If you’re like most people, you may be too hard on yourself. Perhaps you get discouraged with not hitting your goals or you get upset with yourself when you can’t seem to find the time you need for working out. By making clear, reasonable goals and breaking them into accessible short-term goals, you can make it easier to fit those goals into blocks of time.

Pilates reformer machine

Short-term goals should build on each other toward a long-term, reasonable goal. When you have made realistic goals for yourself, you can manage them in your day more effectively. If you simply have a pants size you want to wear, an amount of weight you want to lose, or a general notion of getting back into shape, you may face difficulties finding time each day to work toward such goals.

Large goals feel overwhelming and certainly can’t be attained in a single day. If you’re already struggling to find time to work out, having unreasonable goals or not breaking them into short-term goals makes finding the time to work out more difficult.

Smaller goals, on the other hand, provide a foundation for your long-term goal and can easily be connected to daily workouts. Making those connections helps you find the time in your day to accomplish those small tasks that support your larger goal.

Tracking your goals makes working toward your goals more effectively. Making and tracking goals may sound like a lot of work, but you don’t have to go through an elaborate coaching session or make numerous spreadsheets to do so. Using a Pilates reformer from Frame Fitness not only makes tracking your goals simple but also helps you apply realistic goals to your daily routine.

A Pilates reformer from Frame Fitness allows you to:

  • Create realistic goals: Unreasonable goals can certainly overwhelm even the fittest athletes. So regardless of your fitness level or experience, don’t start too big or too fast. You can find a workout through the Frame Fitness Pilates reformer that’s perfect for you. From beginner-level workouts to ones that target specific muscle groups, you can select a workout that supports your long-term goal and motivates you to find the time to fit it in.
  • Adjust your resistance seamlessly: Just like you shouldn’t try a workout beyond your current experience or fitness level, you need to start small in terms of resistance. The Pilates reformer from Frame Fitness makes the adjusting simple—just the push of a button. So when you’re ready to increase resistance as you work through your goals, you can follow a straightforward approach on the Frame reformer to seamlessly work through to your next level.
  • Track your progress: A key to fitness, the Frame Pilates reformer tracks your progress. You save time because you don’t have to write down what you’ve accomplished, and you can reinforce your goals and adjust what you’re doing by seeing your progress in concrete terms.

Although most people don’t have the luxury of extra time, making and tracking goals makes fitting in your fitness a lot simpler than aimlessly working toward a general goal, especially an unrealistic one. By taking advantage of all the effective tools on the Frame reformer, you can use your time wisely and fit impactful workouts into your day.

Pilates reformer machine

Work Out at Home on Your Pilates Reformer

Finding time to work out can be nearly impossible with everything you’re juggling. When your routine gets interrupted or completely changed, your ability to find time becomes even more difficult. However, working out from home eliminates many of these issues.

Using the efficient, mobility- and strength-building workouts of a Pilates reformer by Frame Fitness enhances your ability to find time because you can work out from home. A Pilates reformer allows you to:

  • Get rid of your commute: When you’re already short on time, adding a commute to the gym makes working out feel insurmountable. When you have a Pilates reformer at home, your fitness machine is always ready whenever you are. Whether you do it in the morning before you leave, after work in the evening, or during the day when working from home, you don’t have to add in time for a commute to the gym, giving you more time to fit your workout in each day.
  • Sleep in: The experts recommend getting up earlier to get in a workout, but if you’re struggling to find time for working out, cutting into your healthy dose of sleep may not be the best advice. Having a Pilates reformer in your home and ready to be used whenever you need it means you can sleep in and complete your workout once you’ve had more rest.
  • Avoid time packing: Most people hitting the gym do so before or after work, which means having to pack a bag for the gym—and unpack it—every day you go to the gym. With a Pilates reformer at home, you never have to pack a bag. Just grab your clothes and get started. Shaving time off your prep for each day gives you more time to work out.

Finding time to work out can be difficult at best, but you can have a complete gym at your fingertips with a Pilates reformer from Frame Fitness. With a reformer in your home, you get an efficient whole-body workout that saves you time. Take advantage of the professional workouts streamed to your Pilates reformer, and you use the time you save each day to work out in the comfort of your home.

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